By integrating the best in medical practice with state-of-the-art technology to provide solutions, we shift the focus from treating existing diseases, typically late in their progression, to preventing disease before it sets in.

The UNVSRL Wellness Institute is a pioneer in the move away from reactive wellness to proactive WellCare. We offer several advanced and highly innovative WellCare solutions, including:

Today, our world of health and wellness care is quickly transforming from a reactive to a proactive system. The advent of DNA analysis and advanced digital diagnostics, means that modern medical care is rapidly shifting towards “wellness maintenance” and disease prevention. What this means is the early detection and avoidance of disease, or delaying the onset of an illness by identifying risk and adopting new behaviours.

Proactive and preventative medical care starts with knowing and understanding our hereditary conditions. DNA analysis through genetic screening is the future of preventative medicine and an important tool for assessing various inheritable diseases, conditions, and cancers. The ability to diagnose patients before symptoms surface can help lessen the severity of symptoms and promote quality of life. 

Added to this is the exciting new cutting-edge world of sensory reality in the healthcare field, which has been shown to have a huge impact in the treatment of pain management, mental health disorders, PTSD, addiction, anxiety related to cardiac disease, cancer, diabetes, gut health, neo natal illnesses, muscular skeletal disorders and more.